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Hobby Lobby Sets Stage for Health Care Reform

posted by Butch Zemar in Healthcare Reform

The backlash of the Hobby Lobby ruling was quite interesting.  Many people I know, on Facebook for example, started spitting out words that put down Hobby Lobby as a Christian based company or things that were fals... Read More

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Manufacturers Can Offer Benefits Without Costing an Arm or a Leg

posted by Butch Zemar in Healthcare Reform

Small manufacturers are starting to look at alternative options to supply benefits for their employees.  Some employers are afraid they will burden the cost themselves. However, persistent employers can find solutions an... Read More

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Where Employee Benefits and the Washington Redskins Trademark Cross Paths

posted by Butch Zemar in Healthcare Reform

Employee benefits are very important to people, just like trademarks are to companies.  The media attention on the Washington Redskins for losing their trademark protection is huge. It is comparable to having emp... Read More

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Confusing Health Care and Health Insurance

posted by Eric Wilson in Healthcare Reform

The cost of healthcare is expensive in America. First we need to understand the difference between health care and health insurance. For some reason, these seem to be linked together as one, and they should not be. ... Read More

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Health Reform Questions - Making Reinsurance Payments

posted by Butch Zemar in Healthcare Reform

Source: Question:  What is the process for paying the Transitional Reinsurance Fee for 2014?   Answer:    A form will be available via where a contributing entity will provi... Read More

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Risking a Health Insurance Strategy the I.R.S. May Not Approve

posted by Butch Zemar in Healthcare Reform

By ROBB MANDELBAUM New York Times Rick Lindquist, president of Zane Benefits, which offers businesses an online claims reimbursement service. Credit Jeffrey D. Allred for The New York Times When it came time to ... Read More

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Employer Health Care Arrangements

posted by Butch Zemar in Healthcare Reform Q1.  What are the consequences to the employer if the employer does not establish a health insurance plan for its own employees, but reimburs... Read More

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A New Approach to Employee Benefits, But in Steps

posted by Butch Zemar in Benefits Compliance

Photo Source: Some employers have been with the same insurance agent for years.  The employers are either complacent and really trust their insurance broker or consultant, or they do not wan... Read More

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Health Reform - COBRA Coverage and Enrollment in Marketplace Coverage

posted by Butch Zemar in Healthcare Reform

Question: If someone voluntarily disenrolls in COBRA during open enrollment, are they eligible for subsidies in the Individual Marketplace? Answer: During Marketplace open enrollment, a person can voluntarily dro... Read More

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Coming Out Ahead When Losing Your Ability To Earn An Income

posted by Butch Zemar in Disability Insurance

Nobody wants his or her income to be taken away.  If we had total control over our future, like a crystal ball, we would never worry about money vaporizing one day. One in three people will lose their ability to earn an ... Read More

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