Interesting Article from WSJ

I found this article on the Wall Street Journal’s website. I think it’s interesting despite the fact I don’t believe everything they say as fact. That’s reporters for you. -Butch Zemar Posted in Health Insurance Tagged: Health Insurance

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Butch Zemar - New Articles

New Articles have been posted. Check them out: Posted in Health Insurance Tagged: Health Insurance

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Insurance Professionals – An Independent and Trusted Advisor

As we mature and grow it can get harder to know who we can trust and depend upon. When we are young it is the foundation of our security that our family, teachers, and loved ones advise us impartially and with our well being at heart. But, when dealing with the many complexities of life, advice is harder to come by and even harder to trust. Knowing when ...

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Keeping Health Insurance in Tough Times - Three Things You Can Do To Lower Your Costs

Concerned that some self-employed, small business owners and even employees may be scrimping on essential healthcare benefits during the current economic turmoil? Maybe it’s your own business and you do not offer insurance but you are concerned for your own family. With family budgets strained by higher fuel and food costs, people are filling fewer prescri...

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