Lifetime Maximums - Make Sure You Are Covered

Do you really think you have $5,000,000 of coverage for the life of your health insurance policy? Take another look. Most plans, probably close to ninety-five percent, or more, have internal limitations. The limitations in these plans most health insurance agents are not aware of. Your local auto and home insurance agent? Forget it! Only t...

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The Recession Hurts - Buying Health Insurance While Unemployed

With the recession upon us, unemployment has become a reality and is at an all time high. The media and organizations are getting information out to the public on how expensive health insurance can be when combined with unemployment income, or the lack of income. It is so true that health care costs are on a rise, even more so when you ele...

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Zero Deductible For Accidents

American Community has been around since 1938. They are an insurance company that uses its independent field force to do their advertising. They are one of the oldest health insurance providers in the country. So far, from what I have experienced they are an excellent carrier to work with. One of the benefits I, as well as most of c...

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Save Money By Shopping - Alternative to Keeping Healthcare Costs Low

The healthcare industry is finally acknowledging that there is cost shifting to the patients in terms of their healthcare, such as prescriptions. This forces the patients to find alternatives. It is an interesting point because most people do not know they can shop healthcare. Some think that Walgreens® can get a better price on drugs because they are on ...

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Employers Cut Healthcare Cost By Fifty-Percent or More – Tax-Free

How would you like a way to save fifty-percent , or more, by giving your employees Tax-Free dollars to buy their own “private” health insurance policies? The most serious economic challenge facing businesses today is reducing the cost of healthcare. Far too often employers are drastically reducing healthcare benefits and deferring more ...

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