Obama Is A Liar?

In this article put out by mentioned a few things worth posting.   Typically we can review history and have an idea where things are headed for the future.   Look at other things that are government ran.   The part that I think stood out the most to me was the government would be in control of making the rules...

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Why Health Care Costs So Much, The Solution: Consumers

   I recently read a small hand book called “Why Health Care Costs So Much, The Solution: Consumers” by Greg Dattilo and Dave Racer ( ).   They have an interesting point of view to the health care system and I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of these points with you, consider...

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ObamaCare Diagnosis: "Dead-on-Arrival"

I would like to share with you an email I received recently.  We need to get the word out there. - Butch Zemar Butch, Socialized health care in America is dead (and you read it here, first). We now know that one of the major healthcare overhaul plans on the table would cost at least $1.6 TRILLION ($1,600,000,000,000) over 10 years... yet ...

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Funny Video on Health Insurance

I thought this was funny. Gets you in the mood for health insurance. Unfortunately, I can’t claim ownership to this. I just thought I would share it. Butch Zemar

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No More Wait For Change

If you think we have already seen a lot of changes this year so far , there is more to come. In less than six months, there are things that have changed all around us to start making us think more about what we are doing and where we are headed. This could be as little as your neighbor or family member losing their job. Other changes might be related to...

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Lowering Your Health Insurance Costs

Listen to Lowering Your Health Insurance Costs audio program:   Butch Zemar

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Why NOT Having an HSA Can Cost You A Fortune

Listen to Why NOT Having an HSA Can Cost You A Fortune Audio Program:   Butch Zemar

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