Supreme Court Sets Obama Healthcare Argument

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will hear three days of oral arguments on various pieces of the health reform law just days after the law’s two-year anniversary. The arguments are scheduled to last 5 ½ hours over 3 days, March 26-28. One o...

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Video: Finance Yourself With Life Insurance

Traditional financing could be a thing of the past. With the right advice, you can leverage money from life insurance, at zero cost, to finance your way to wealth. Buy cars, remodel the house, go on vacation, pay for college or wedding without dep...

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Video: Conversation about Life Insurance: Living Benefits

Certain Life Insurance policies have benefits available before you die for serious illnesses such as Cancer, Stroke or Heart Attack. This is also called an accelerated benefits. This benefit gets pulled from the life insurance benefit in the fo...

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Businesses Should Plan Now To Lock In Their Insurance Rates for 2012

For Immediate Release Elite Benefits of America is currently helping business owners identify coverage mistakes in their annual insurance reviews to assure rates are locked in for the upcoming year. “Many businesses are currently reviewi...

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