Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage 2013

As the annual enrollment period has begun, it is a good time to review the differences between Original Medicare, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage.  Let’s start with Original Medicare.  This is a plan by the Federal Government for people 6...

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Video: Waiting To Handle Your Life Insurance

Do not put off doing your life insurance until tomorrow, next week, next year. The difference could be between Life and Death. Do not put it off any longer. Do it today. Video is for informational purposes only. Butch Zemar www.Elit...

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Video: Income Replacement for Sick Business Owners

When a business owner becomes sick, how is the business going to be able to pay for that? When a business begins to suffer, and then it's too late. Just like most insurance programs, we cannot buy it after the fact. Seek an adviser for more in...

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Income Replacement For Sick Business Owners

If you are the business owner and you become sick, how are you, or the business for that matter, going to be able to pay for that? Typically, a business owner is needed in their business in order for it to function. When a business owner becomes sick...

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