Supreme Court Argues ObamaCare: Will It Still Stand?

This is a historic week with the arguments about Healthcare Reform, also known as ObamaCare, held by the Supreme Court.  It is not every day that the Supreme Court takes on arguments on cases such as this.  In fact, it's been years since they last overturned something congress has done.  Twenty-Six states sued the Health and Human Services because they be...

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Take Advantage of Tax-Free Retirement Income and Put Your Dollars to Better Use Webinar

The national debt is over $15 Trillion dollars, yet taxes are generally speaking low considering we have a debt to pay off. The major impact will be on American's trying to retire with traditional vehicles and are taxed hard when they need their savings and investments to make it the rest of their life. What we will go over: Grow your mon...

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Medical Overbilling Is Like Burning Money

A recent article from the LA Times, "Lawmakers probe Prime Healthcare Services' billing practices", talked about the company overbilling patients. Billing is one of the industry's biggest problems. Many American's are overpaying on their hospital bills and do not even know it. They could be receiving two or three times as much as they need for the service...

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Health Insurers Face Extinction... Aetna ACEO Says

At a recent conference in Las Vegas, Aetna CEO, Mark Betolini, made a statement "The system doesn't work, it's broke today" along side with "Reform is not going to stop.  It won't go away".  Could be a sign that Healthcare Reform had made an impact that is here to stay. This is almost like the impact the dinosaurs had when an asteroid collided into the ...

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