Whoa! Tax-Free Retirement For Everyone

Do you have the retirement plan that gives you a small tax break, now, in the current tax year, and pay a bigger tax later when you finally retire? In addition to the bigger tax, you are forced to start paying the tax at 70 1/2. It is worth rep...

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Health Insurance: Business Owners May Need Help

Health insurance agents are exiting the market due to industry changes and commission cuts. Make sure your current agent is a major player. If not find someone who will support you and your business. Watch video here:

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Video: Honey Our Life Insurance is Dead!

Video: Review your life insurance. It could be running out of gas and you do not even know it. Life policies are under performing today, is yours? Click to View Video:

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Did You Win The Mega Million? If Not You Can Still Do AOK!

Many states throughout the country sold millions of Lotto Tickets for the Mega Millions.  Your odds were 1 in 176 million, but people still threw money out to a tune of $1.5 Billion.  Although your chances are low, Americans still went out and spent ...

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