Video: More Health Insurance Companies Exit The Market - Seek an Advisor

More and more carriers are leaving the market after the Healthcare Reform was signed into law. Many of them are even A rated companies. This doesn't mean they are going out of business, just leaving the health insurance market. If your health insurance company is leaving, or simply not sure what's going on, make sure you seek the professional advice from a...

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Video: Shop Insurance Agents and Save 45%

Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. How do you know your insurance agent is providing you all of the options? Ever think that you could ask another insurance agent to compare and it could potentially save you 45%? You should try it sometime. Butch Zemar www.EliteBenefi...

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Video: Why Buy More Life Insurance

Many do not think they need to buy more life insurance. Most of them have never sat down to figure out how much life insurance is needed. Protecting your assets and income replacement are important factors in determining the amount that is needed. You maybe surprised. Butch Zemar

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20 Taxes that Obamacare brings with it – What you need to know

As you may be aware of the PPACA ( afordable care act) while they say it is affordable, everything comes with a price.  Here are 20 taxes that you need to be aware of.  Some have already started, some will be starting in the future.  Here we go… Taxes that took effect in 2010 1) EXCISE TAX on CHARITABLE HOSPITALS - PPACA pages 1961-1971 .- $50,000...

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