The year of the Short Term Health Plan

In most cases throughout my career as an insurance broker I have been opposed to short term health plans.  I was opposed to them because if you got sick you could not renew them and you could put yourself in a bad situation.  The only time I really ever used them is when someone had gotten a new job and there was a 90 day waiting period for insurance.  This ...

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Questions to Consider When Buying Life Insurance

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions regarding life insurance. The first question is always the most common and probably the most important as well.  The question I get the most is How much do I need.  While there is no perfect answer for this as you are trying to figure out your future needs if you should pass away, a common method of...

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Important PPACA Dates

States Notify Health and Human Services ( HHS) if they will operate a Health exchange or default to the Federal Government   Closing Medicare Drug Coverage Gap-reducing co-insurance from 100% 2010 to 25% in 2020 in addition to the 50% brand name manufacturers discount Medicare bundled payment pilot Medicaid preventative care Increased payments...

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Life Insurance - The Promise We Made

Life insurance goes beyond a transaction with a trusted insurance agent and a monthly cost.  Many people in America buy life insurance. When they are approved, they stick the policy certificate in the filing cabinet and forget about it. Most of us, subconsciously, think we are immortal and we will live a full life and pass on due to old age. One defining mom...

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