Is 7.1 Million ACA enrollees Good?

The objective of the Affordable Care Act was to cover the uninsured? The question is how many of these 7.1 Million who enrolled were previously uninsured? Eric Wilson

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ACA Brings On The 100-Year Flood

Today in Chicago it is HOT. They are saying with the humidity, it is like 106 degrees. While the day is heating up, the weather decides it will throw a thunderstorm at us. The heat can be misleading at times. The same goes with health insurance w...

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Understanding Medicare and Medicare Supplement

While on the surface Medicare seems confusing, dealing with a good insurance broker can simplify it for you. Medicare is the healthcare system for Americans over age 65 or those who qualify for the program under social security disability. Medicare p...

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Aetna and Humana Canceling Health Plans At The End Of the Year

Do you remember the President while speaking at at Town Hall meeting on August 11, 2009 saying “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan? Also in June of 2012, if you are one of the Americans who have health insurance, yo...

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The Return of the Death Spiral...

When I first got into the insurance business, I heard about what they called the Death Spiral. Basically, what it was, was the insurance company having a pool of people with insurance. Some get sick the cost of that pool goes up. It is based on th...

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Humana Canceling Non-Grandfathered Plans At The End Of The Year

I always like to go back to the President’s words, “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.” Except here is the problem.. You cannot! All plans written before March 23rd 2010 we considered grandfathered, and those you can still...

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Video: What triggers a Special Election Period under the ACA

Under the Affordable Care Act, you cannot purchase a major medical policy for the year 2014 after March 31, unless you qualify for a SPECIAL ELECTION PERIOD. The video will tell you how you can qualify. Eric Wilson www.isel...

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