Article Healthcare Rules Changed for Employers

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Business owners are more confused about healthcare than ever

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The Healthcare System Makes You Vulnerable

The doctors in America go to school for a reasonable length of time. I always joke, "like 12 years". For some, that is true. After all that schooling, they do not teach doctors and administrators on how to be customer friendly in a transparent world....

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You are the patient, not the customer

Healthcare is personal.  When we start seeing the doctor, it is about us, or what is inside of us.  These are things we do not go telling the public. Over time we build this relationship with the doctor.  There is a comfort zone when it comes to our ...

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For Immediate Release: Local Small Business Event: Spend less and get more from your health plan

For immediate release Local Small Business Event:  Spend less and get more from your health plan Elk Grove Village (August 14, 2018): Corkill Insurance Agency, Inc. will be presenting to small businesses on how to they can spend less and get more fro...

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What is your 2019 strategy to combat another increase in premiums?

(Photo Credits: Traditionally employers would control health care costs by moving deductibles up, maybe some max out-of-pocket increases, perhaps even offer a Health Savings Account plan (HSAs).  Over time, all this did ...

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Amazon and its effect on the healthcare industry

An editorial by Eric Wilson Source: Amazon has made a huge impact on the retail world over the past few years. The ability to purchase just about anything online has made life easier for consumers. We have seen...

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