What is your 2019 strategy to combat another increase in premiums?

(Photo Credits: Traditionally employers would control health care costs by moving deductibles up, maybe some max out-of-pocket increases, perhaps even offer a Health Savings Account plan (HSAs).  Over time, all this did was delay the next increase.  What did it solve? What is your next move for 2019?  How much higher can you inc...

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Health Insurance: The race against the clock

There is still time for Congress to pick up the pieces of changing the healthcare system to help stabilize it. The fate of the Affordable Care Act is yet to be determined.  In the meantime, people wait while paying extremely high premiums and have mountains of out-of-pocket bills on the kitchen table.  Where is the affordability of the Affordable Care Act? T...

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Trump Changes Healthcare with Executive Order

Last week President Trump signed an executive order on health care, to cause momentum to change with the Affordable Care Act.  Taking this action increases healthcare choices for millions of Americans.  Having alternatives to Obamacare plans will help make things more affordable.  How does that impact you? Let’s review the changes. The order directs the Secr...

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Video: ACA Executive Order by Trump Administration Jan 2017

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