Why is Obamacare Still Here?

Since its inception, the Affordable Care Act has taken its share of hits. Multiple trips to the Supreme Court, not for profit Co-ops failing, for-profit insurance carriers leaving the marketplace, attempts to repeal the law in bits an pieces, and it is still here! Some counties when the rates are filed in the coming months will find that they have no insuran...

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The CEO of one of the largest health insurers in the US explains why he thinks healthcare costs so much

Cigna CEO David Cordani Reuters This CEO believes that hospitals and the local community should spend more money on programs to engage the patient in healthcare. If the hospital increases their costs, that gets passed either directly on to the patient or financed through the insurance company. Then the patient/policyholder will end up paying a higher cost. H...

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Health insurance as an open credit card

Unfortunately, many see health insurance as an open credit card.  People demand things that they think should be covered and have access to whichever provider they so choose. Requiring to go to the most expensive hospital system because someone else is paying the bill would be entirely different if it came out of your pocket.  The truth is, it does cost you ...

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Non-Obamacare Short Term Health Plans On The Rise

American’s are looking for lower cost alternatives when it comes to their healthcare needs.  Those who do not need a huge demand for medical services to be covered have other options.  Even those with some medical requirements on a monthly or quarterly basis are ok with little less coverage if they are saving enough on premiums.  The good news is alternative...

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Federal judge upholds order to end cost-sharing reduction subsidies

OCT 25, 2017 | BY JOEL ROSENBLATT, ANDREW HARRIS A federal judge rejected a bid by Democratic state officials to temporarily block the White House from ending so-called cost-sharing reduction payments to health insurers under the Affordable Care Act. A coalition of 19 Democratic attorneys general, led by California’s Xavier Becerra and New York’s Eric Schnei...

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Trump Changes Healthcare with Executive Order

Last week President Trump signed an executive order on health care, to cause momentum to change with the Affordable Care Act.  Taking this action increases healthcare choices for millions of Americans.  Having alternatives to Obamacare plans will help make things more affordable.  How does that impact you? Let’s review the changes. The order directs the Secr...

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The Wilson Health Plan

I Sell Health, Inc. 888-448-5370 The Wilson Health Plan Posted: 28 Sep 2017 10:43 AM PDT We have heard of Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, this system is failing for a number of reasons.  The Republicans have failed to pass a repeal or a replacement and seem to have no idea as to how to accomplish such a thing after seven years.  Since I ha...

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Video: ACA Executive Order by Trump Administration Jan 2017

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