About Elite Benefits of America

As a valued benefits advisor, collaborate with small to medium-sized businesses looking to balance competitive employee benefits with their own capabilities and bottom lines. Provide a variety of professional services to reduce their costs, improve efficiency, and improve employee satisfaction.

Services and specialties include:

  •   Thorough understanding of health care reform legislation and plan offerings on and off the Marketplace exchange
  •   Hands-on guidance through enrollment process
  •   Plan administration and compliance with health care law
  •   Customized data analysis with suggested plan modifications for cost savings
  • •Supportive Human Resources materials
  • •Broad communications on employee benefits/resources
  • •Buy-Sell insurance, including one-way buy-sell insurance strategies
  • •Individual health insurance through employer
  • •Keyman insurance
  • •Life insurance planning
  • •Executive Bonus Programs (golden handcuffs)
  • •Tax-free retirement strategies