Save Money By Shopping - Alternative to Keeping Healthcare Costs Low

The healthcare industry is finally acknowledging that there is cost shifting to the patients in terms of their healthcare, such as prescriptions. This forces the patients to find alternatives. It is an interesting point because most people do not know they can shop healthcare. Some think that Walgreens® can get a better price on drugs because they are on every corner in America.

Every pharmacy buys drugs at different prices. On that statement alone we should shop around for our prescriptions. At times your regular pharmacy isn’t the best spot for certain medications.

To top this off, many of the brand name companies make their own generic with the same active ingredients. If that is the case, why wouldn’t people switch to a generic drug and save everyone money? Good question! I often wonder that even with a generic co-pay being $10.00 on many health insurance plans these days, if you can get it for less why wouldn’t you? Lots of places like Wal-Mart® and other chains are offering generics for under $10.00.

Originally, our health insurance plans gave us incentive to ask for the brand drug due to the lower co-pays. The brand drug wasn’t that much more for the patient compared to the generic. It’s like getting the name brand item in your local grocery versus the generic for only pennies on the dollar more. The pharmaceutical companies capitalized on this by giving incentives all the way down the line to the doctor prescribing the medication.

The other issue Americans face is that many of us are treated for symptoms of the problem without getting to the root of the problem. Sometimes just avoiding certain foods can change the outcome of your health. If action is taken on your part you could possibly eliminate the medication altogether. You could be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

With more and more Americans being responsible for their own healthcare in one way or another, it forces us to do something different. This not only goes for our prescription drugs but our treatments as well. Sometimes just by asking for a discount the facilities will give it to you. If you shop around for that test you have been putting off you might find it for less due to competition.

Now we all can live a better, healthier life.

To your Health!

Butch Zemar
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