No More Wait For Change

If you think we have already seen a lot of changes this year so far , there is more to come. In less than six months, there are things that have changed all around us to start making us think more about what we are doing and where we are headed. This could be as little as your neighbor or family member losing their job. Other changes might be related to how we operate our business. We can’t avoid it. 
One area that has some drastic change to come is healthcare. This will affect the coverage we buy, how much we buy and how we make our decision to buy. The change has already started, such as the stimulus bill that including the C.O.B.R.A. relief act.
At this point, this relief  may not affect how we do things when it comes to our healthcare.  In the months to come, we may see other changes. The changes that are yet to come are neither good nor bad at this point. It is important that we stay up to speed and stay ahead. It is increasingly more important to work with a trusted advisor. There is no way you can keep up with the changes in the healthcare industry without actually being in it. I’m thankful that you have chosen me to keep you abreast with these changes.
I would stay tuned in the months to come. Keep a close ear to the newsletters and published materials by the experts (i.e. blogs and articles). Over the next several months I will be publishing information that could be vital to the healthcare process.
With times being tough at the time same time change is taking place we need to make sure we cover all aspects to ensure our families safety. This evaluation should cover all aspects of your insurance and estate planning. When times are great it’s easy to put things off, but when times are tough it could take a bigger toll. 

Butch Zemar