Uh, Canada? Say it Ain"t So, Joe!

"The doctors gave me back my life. They repaired the aneurysms in the artery leading to my brain that would have either killed or impaired me. And I know how valiantly they worked to restore my sons' health after they were involved in a serious automobile accident as children. No doubt about it, for this and many other reasons, the U.S. health care system is wonderful. Sure it costs a lot, and of course, we must help those who don't have enough health insurance. But I don't want to destroy this great system in the process." - JOE BIDEN

Market Driven Health Care (chapter 5)
Regina Herzlinger, Harvard Business School, 1997

Fast forward to 2009 and the most dangerous administration in U.S. history. Instead of allowing Americans to solve our health care "crisis" through free-market transactions, they're forcing "solutions" on us that are guaranteed to make things worse!

Latest and MOST DANGEROUS example: A House proposal (during an economic recession!) costing taxpayers TRILLIONS, because Americans have a "RIGHT" to universal (Canadian-style) health care. Joe?

Reality Check: The "right to health care" doesn't exist in a government-run system... ANYWHERE in the world! The right to health care is nothing more than an opportunity is to get (TAXPAYER PROVIDED) services for "free"... IF the government decides to make those services available.

But the government is under no obligation to provide anything... and when it decides to ration or deny treatment... people can't go to court and sue the government (like Americans can sue an insurance company for denying a covered benefit).

Government-run health care is inefficient and provides inferior medicine. Look no further than Medicare (our own "universal" government-run program for seniors) and all of its coverage gaps. Medicare has an unfunded liability in the TRILLIONS of dollars... which proves that government programs aren't affordable either.

If the lawmakers are intent on spending taxpayer money, they should give refundable tax credits to people who need help, so they can purchase their own private individual coverage on the open market!

But don't just take my word for it...

Check Out This ALARMING Video and email it to EVERYONE concerned (and, more importantly, unconcerned!) about socialized medicine in America!

- Mark Goldstein