Businesses Should Plan Now To Lock In Their Insurance Rates for 2012

For Immediate Release

Elite Benefits of America is currently helping business owners identify coverage mistakes in their annual insurance reviews to assure rates are locked in for the upcoming year.

“Many businesses are currently reviewing their 2012 business insurance to have it locked in for January 1st” says Butch Zemar, Chief Sales Officer at Elite Benefits of America. “As they claw their way out of this recession, cutting back is one of the only options. Insurance is one area that should not be cut. Businesses, as well as consumers, need to review all insurance programs annually with an insurance agent.”

During an annual business insurance review, a business will be reviewing employee benefits, general liability coverage, workman's compensation and commercial auto coverage just to name a few. All of the coverages are important but each business has a specific need based on their situation. Many businesses forget about adding coverage they should have and find themselves in a situation they do not want to be in at the time of a loss. It is very important for businesses, and consumers, to review all their insurance needs every year to make sure they do not leave anything to chance.

"Looking for areas to cut cost seems to be more of the norm and businesses are using insurance as one of those areas." says Zemar. "Businesses buy insurance to protect their financial health. By lowering insurance limits, or worse, eliminating coverage just to cut cost is not only making a huge mistake but it is also setting the business up for a negative financial impact that can push them over the edge to the abyss in this tough recession." Zemar continues.

Today, more than ever, the business world and life itself changes consistently. Anytime there is a change, your insurance should move needs to be adjusted. There is the possibility that despite the recession, a business could be growing and had an increase in building space, staff, or equipment and an increase of insurance coverage is needed. The insurance agent reviewing the insurance policy needs to know about these changes so they can address it appropriately with the insurance policy.

Elite Benefits of America is scheduling webinars with that change. Maybe a business has downsized or sold off equipment and the insurance next year to assist business owners as well as individuals in meeting their insurance needs. For more information or to schedule a business insurance review, call Butch Zemar, Elite Benefits of America at 708-535-3006. For more information, go to