Just a Paycheck Away From Bankruptcy

In America, many families are strapped so thin that just one sneeze will put them in the street.  Those boogers are real.  Somehow as decades have passed the rules of money have changed and some have resisted to the change.   This is just as bad ignoring a red light or, for us guys, ignoring our wife.  It’s just something one cannot do.  That is being a little facetious but the point is there.

In a recent article from the LA Times, it talks about people after bankruptcy that are still over extended.  Some of them have not even paid their mortgage in months but still somehow find other things more important.  A family can barely afford to live but they are spending $275 a month on beauty products and services.  The same family also spends $200 a month on the family’s pets.  How many people do you know spend their money the same way?

Six-two percent of bankruptcies are due to medical bankruptcies.  Most of them had health insurance at the time of the onset of the illness.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.  You can have the best health insurance in the world, it still will not prevent you from going bankrupt.

An article on CNNMoney.com, talks about Steve Jobs from Apple taking a leave of absence to take care of his health.  Granted he had to get approved by the board of directors, but he still gets the time off.  Some may say he is rich!  Rich is relative.  I bet Jobs would not say he would agree.

The point to get across is creating opportunity so that when a situation presents itself, such as a critical illness, more Americans are more prepared.  Creating financial opportunity to allow families to take care of their health is more than just money, it is a gift of opportunity.

Everyone likes cash.  It is a big portion of the pie. Not now, but when the moment strikes. When in life is anything free?  Anything that holds any value comes at a cost.  By taking half of $275 a month you may spend on beauty products and services, maybe even just the cost of pizza and a couple of beers you can protect your family. Now that should be a right of every American, isn't it? 

Butch Zemar