Supreme Court Argues ObamaCare: Will It Still Stand?

This is a historic week with the arguments about Healthcare Reform, also known as ObamaCare, held by the Supreme Court.  It is not every day that the Supreme Court takes on arguments on cases such as this.  In fact, it's been years since they last overturned something congress has done.  Twenty-Six states sued the Health and Human Services because they believe the law signed two years ago has a constitutional linchpin, the mandate. 

The mandate does not resonate with businesses and families throughout the nation.  Not speaking for everyone, but many feel that not having health insurance will only affect them, not anyone else.  Why should an act of congress change a personal choice?  This leaves them very uncomfortable.

The other side of the coin is, they need the mandate to offset premiums. Many of the people have been waiting for this day of no underwriting and every one with health conditions will not be discriminated.  This will cause more payouts in claims due to the risk the insurance company is taking on.  Premiums historically have gone up, drastically, when this occurs. Just look at premiums in New Jersey and Massachusetts after such law has turned.  Even with Massachusetts having the mandate, premiums still shot through the roof.  

Maybe on the national level, with younger and healthier joining the ranks to offset premiums and not filing as many claims could be a good thing.  Some studies have reflected that the premiums will go up, it is just a matter of time.  At that point it, we will know if it really worked.  It could be 18-36 months after the mandate takes affect.  By then it could be too late.

What happens if we all went back to paying cash for everything like the good old days?  There was a time that doctors made house calls and it was affordable.  It was not like the doctor was under cutting the prices because they were able to put their kids through school.  Now we have to go to their office and sit in the waiting room and breath in everyone's coughs, sniffles and other diseases as we wait for this doctor for almost an hour without any consideration to your time.  Cash is king, they say.  Some of this would change if they knew the customer is really their patient and not the insurance company and prices would become more competitive.  This will help bring cost of healthcare down.  More and more American's will have more 'skin' in the game and become more responsible to make wiser decisions.  

Until then, we sit and wait for the Supreme Court to make a decision while some will point the finger and blame someone else or a politician for the decisions they make. 

Butch Zemar