Did You Win The Mega Million? If Not You Can Still Do AOK!

Many states throughout the country sold millions of Lotto Tickets for the Mega Millions.  Your odds were 1 in 176 million, but people still threw money out to a tune of $1.5 Billion.  Although your chances are low, Americans still went out and spent money on something with such low odds.

Americans face a huge tragedy in their future.  There are better odds in winning a different Lotto, the health Lotto.  Women have a 1 in 2 chance of suffering from a serious or chronic condition.  Men do not have a leg to stand on because they have a 1 in 3 chance of suffering a serious or chronic condition.  However, despite the odds of actually winning, most do not play the game, financially.

If it is described like the Lotto, the Lotto community is the cancer causing agent, if you will.  Americans then invest into the opportunity by buying a Lotto ticket to make it financially.  Then at the time of diagnosis, if the winning lotto numbers are yours, that is when you are able to hit the jackpot, a cash benefit.

Now, if you knew you could win the lotto, it is certain that you would make the investment, right?  One day, your chances of winning the health lottery ticket is high.  It is worth repeating, 1 in 2 for females and 1 in 3 for males.  That is the day you receive a phone call from your doctor about test results.  It could also be that day you woke up just not feeling yourself and you decided to head to the doctors office, urgent care or even the emergency room to find out you are having a stroke or heart attack.  At that time, hopefully you made the investment in advance to win financially when you hit the health lotto. 

Just like the real lotto, you cannot buy a ticket after the fact and win.  On the contrary, unlike the real lotto, you cannot win millions.  Maybe enough to pay off your mortgage and travel the world, or just enough to pay all your bills while out of work to focus on the most important things, your health and your family.

 All of this can be done with the right plan of action.  Typically, it can be done with the right financial planner or the right life insurance agent with a specialized term, whole life, universal life or indexed universal life. They are hybrids and have been around for years.  Many financial planners and life insurance agents may not know they are available or have access to them. With the right planning, you can win your health lotto when you survive the serious or chronic condition or your family wins even if you do die. It's a win, win!  Unlike the Mega Millions Lotto, over 100 million tickets didn't have the winning lotto number, even after planning for it.  When you plan the health lotto, you and your family come out a winner.  

 Butch Zemar