Harken Health Leaving Illinois Market July 2017

Harken Health came into the market to compete with other insurance companies with their new model using their Harken Centers. Within 2 years, they are shutting their doors.  Many brokers have warned against going to a start-up company, yet they were backed by UHC.  They worked out great for many people.  Harken allowed individuals and families access the large UHC PPO provider network when the rest of the marketplace in Chicago was shrinking their provider network.  If someone wanted to go to a big teaching hospital, Harken was the place to be.  They worked very well but all good things come to an end. 

For those who have Harken Health, you will have a Special Enrollment to choose a new plan.  Those who pay for their own insurance may also find that some independent brokers won't sell a health policy during the special enrollment period due to commissions lowering or being eliminated for some.    This is not speaking for every broker.  

Employers with the Harken Health plan, you can switch at any time you are ready.  Evaluating before the policy ends will eliminate heartaches with the deadline of losing coverage. Start working on options now to buy you time, which will end up saving you money.  

If you are looking for assistance with the transition, please contact Butch Zemar at 630-649-1353. 

Click here to review the letter being to Harken policyholders.