A process is good for positive change.

A process is good for positive change.

Every Veteran has a memory of stepping off that bus at boot camp.

Everyone has a different memory of it.  I remember it being a little more pressing and vulgar. Basically, reminding me that since I decided to step off the bus, there was no going back on the bus back to my parents.

From that moment on, most of us had our doubts. Did we really make the right decision? Maybe that college offer (or lack of offer) was better for me?

Some folks in boot camp find ways to get out, legitimately or not.

Most push on to look for a better outcome of the process.

During boot camp, you are pushed to go beyond limits you never knew you had. Most of us were 18 and haven't pushed any limit other than our parent's patience.

In less than 3 months, your life changed forever.

Besides me being a scuba diver, most that go through Navy boot camp now know how to tie a bowline knot.  Since the Navy isn't always known for rifle shooting, we have the Marines and Army. Move over Air Force, the Navy has the aircraft carrier, which is the biggest (and most badass!) floating warship in the world. Take that, USAF!

Looking back on boot camp now, reflecting if you will, it takes me to a place where things were changing rapidly, but only for the better. In just a few months we find a new way of life that in the end turns out better than if we did not go through the process.

Over twenty years ago I went through a process that changed my life forever. Today I still use discipline and process from my Navy days.

Things that start out looking bad still can turn into something good, or even great.

Your employer-sponsored health insurance renewal process is in the near future. Most dread this time of year. Health insurance is so daunting. The cost keeps going up and the feeling of hopelessness sinks in. Much like the first day at a military boot camp.

Let's get off the bus early this year with the employer-sponsored health insurance renewal process. This time we focus on the good and what we can control. There is a good chance you can still get ahead of the spending curve.

A process is good for positive change.

- Butch Zemar