Cookie-Cutter Is A Thing Of The Past - Get Your Playbook Today!

Cookie-cutter is a thing of the past. We want it our way every time. This goes for everything.

Those who know me know I love coffee. I drink it all day. I'm sure my older self will tell me to slow down. For now, I love some coffee.

My way - traditional, perhaps the Navy way. Black and strong... and HOT!

Everyone else wants it their way. Ice coffee, sugar, twisted, whatever it might be. Now I have to ask for HOT coffee anytime I order from a coffee shop. Yet, in my mind, I see coffee as just black and hot.

One size doesn't fit all. The same goes for an employee benefit program. Customization does not mean it costs more. The same with coffee; most coffee is the exact cost for that category of coffee.

The same goes for strategy.

Not one company shares the same strategy. You are custom in and of itself.

Most companies' current strategy is to take on the pain, increase costs, and ask their existing broker to negotiate a few points off the renewal and make everyone feel they have a good deal.

This is not ideal for others.

You pay 3x of what is needed within the health plan (PBM). You pay more for admin fees and have them not disclosed on the renewal or invoice.

Just like I wouldn't order coffee with sugar and cream.

The Elite Benefits Playbook offers customization, allowing you to craft benefits that mirror your organization's unique needs. It's about delivering value without unnecessary expenses.

Download your copy here: Playbook

To your profits!