The Great Healthcare Debate: Sunshine and Lolipops Are Not Coming Our Way

Utopian promises, people shouting, and never-ending analysis on healthcare has probably made you think twice before turning on CNN or picking up a newspaper. If you are tuning in to the great debate that has descended on our country, chances are...

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Critical Illness insurance: Hottest Insurance Product In The World

I just received an interesting email newsletter from Wilma “LTC Coach” Anderson, one of America’s foremost Long-Term Care Insurance marketers. Here’s what she had to say (verbatim)… “It’s TIME to start selling Critical Illness insurance. ...

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Medical Payments are Not a Replacement for Health Insurance

Some clients believe that Health Insurance is not necessary since their Auto Insurance provides medical payment coverage. They argue that Auto Insurance is going to protect them from health service bills, so why pay another premium to cover the ...

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Take Employer Health Plan Or Private Health Insurance: the Reality

Today is quite different when it comes to getting access to health insurance . In fact it is so different you need to make a decision to either take your health insurance at work or go to the open market and purchase your own plan. Some employ...

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Purchasing A Health Insurance Plan Online: A Death Wish?

The internet has changed the way we do things. You can “ Google ” symptoms of a medical condition to get other people’s experience with the same condition or get a prognosis for the problem. We move to shopping online for things we need. Amazon g...

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Chicago Area Free Scuba Diving Experience with Butch Zemar

Ever wonder what its like to breath underwater? Join us underwater on October 17th. The Discover Scuba Diving program lets you experience the thrill of diving in a pool. During your adventure, you’ll master some basic concepts and have a lot of fun...

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