2013 Medicare Deductibles Announced!!

Effective January 1, 2013, the following changes to Medicare take effect… Part A deductible will be $1184. This reflects an increase in deductible of 2.4% from the 2012 deductible of $1156. Part B deductible will be $147.00 this is up $7 f...

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Video: Insurance Agents Are Lazy

Watch the Video: Insurance agents can be lazy bums that sit behind a desk, forget answering the phone and actually doing something. If your agent isn't servicing you, find a new insurance agent. Butch Zemar www.EliteBenefi...

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Hurricane Sandy Increases Life Insurance Awareness

Things happen at a moments notice.  Take a look at the destruction of Hurricane Sandy.  With certain things in life, we do not have a second chance.  Everyday, people are so busy. They put things off that do not produce immediate pain.  This decision...

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Vote for Higher Taxes, In Retirement

Today is election day for the nation.  Some are hoping for a change in office.  Others are still hanging on for change with the current administration.  The truth is, whoever is in office, taxes have to go up.  The real question is: Are you prepared?...

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