Why is Obamacare Still Here?

Since its inception, the Affordable Care Act has taken its share of hits. Multiple trips to the Supreme Court, not for profit Co-ops failing, for-profit insurance carriers leaving the marketplace, attempts to repeal the law in bits an pieces, and it is still here! Some counties when the rates are filed in the coming months will find that they have no insuran...

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For Immediate Release: Local Small Business Event: Spend less and get more from your health plan

For immediate release Local Small Business Event:  Spend less and get more from your health plan Elk Grove Village (August 14, 2018): Corkill Insurance Agency, Inc. will be presenting to small businesses on how to they can spend less and get more from their health plans. Small businesses are running into problems maintaining the cost of their health insuranc...

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What is your 2019 strategy to combat another increase in premiums?

(Photo Credits: Traditionally employers would control health care costs by moving deductibles up, maybe some max out-of-pocket increases, perhaps even offer a Health Savings Account plan (HSAs).  Over time, all this did was delay the next increase.  What did it solve? What is your next move for 2019?  How much higher can you inc...

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