Video: Small Businesses Need to Review Their Employee Benefits

Video: Small Businesses Need to Review Their Employee Benefits This video is about Small Businesses Need to Review Their Employee Benefits soon.  Call and schedule a review today! 888-535-3006 BZ

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Video: The Affordable Care Act.. Back in Court

Within the last 30 days there have been two major cases with the Affordable Care Act. Eric Wilson

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Obamacare Might Take A Turn For The Worse?

Last week, two court rulings about the wording of the health care law may change the face of “Obamacare”. The case revolves around four words of the Affordable Care Act, which says the tax credits are available to people who enroll through an exchange “established by the state”. Millions of people may see premium increase if the court ruling ...

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Is The Affordable Care Act Falling Apart?

This week a Washington, DC Federal Appeals Court ruled that Americans who reside in states which operate under the Federal Health Exchanges could not be granted subsidies to health insurance premiums. Currently thirty six states have opted to have the Federal Government operate their exchanges as compared to State based insurance exchanges. To back up a...

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Hobby Lobby Sets Stage for Health Care Reform

The backlash of the Hobby Lobby ruling was quite interesting.  Many people I know, on Facebook for example, started spitting out words that put down Hobby Lobby as a Christian based company or things that were false about the case itself. This could change the course of health care reform.   Everyone has a preconceived notion about almost e...

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