A more meaningful Valentine"s Day

Here it is Valentine’s day (if you celebrate it). Shakespeare left dozens of love sonnets behind for the world to enjoy. Mozart wrote operatic love songs that have been played for centuries. Shah Jhan built the Taj Mahal as a testament to his love ...

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Life Insurance: You Do It for Love

How do you say “I love you” to the most important person in your life?  A candlelight dinner or a romantic, getaway vacation are nice ways to show you care. But if you want to make a more meaningful and enduring statement about how much your loved on...

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Life Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance Meet

The Wall Street Journal  hit it on the head over the weekend.  Long Term Care Insurance is becoming increasingly expensive and harder to get.  People are looking for more affordable ways to protect their money and assets if they ever need to be in an...

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What are the Goals of Healthcare Reform?

As you know I have been very active in the healthcare reform debate.  You also know I believe the healthcare system in this country is broken and needs to be fixed.  Lastly, you know I hate just about everything in the PPACA  (health care reform law)...

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Life Insurance: Getting Paid to Live

We go through our whole lives planning, spending time with family and seeking security in some fashion. Typically there are three concerns most people have about their financial situation. We will live too long, die too soon or get too sick or hu...

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