CFOs: It's a Math Problem, Not a Benefits Problem

It's just painful. It's awful.

Some would instead get a root canal than deal with health insurance.

It's so painful and exhausting.

Every year it's a daunting task for most, even those who make big decisions for the company.

It's a mammoth. A beast. As if the untamed animal is lurking outside your door around renewal time.

Benefits are so confusing for most CFOs, HR professionals, and employers.

Balance sheets and Profit and Loss statements are confusing. But somehow CFOs and employers figure out what they need to stay in business, or better, maintain a certain level of profitability.

But health insurance, forget it, throw it out the window.

The good part of it all, once you understand it, it's a math problem, not a benefits problem.

Once you get through the fear factor, it's less intimidating. It's like adding two plus two.

Okay, it's a little more complex than that, but you get the point. It's about where the dollars are coming and going.

We track every expense in the company, even though other insurance programs such as workers' compensation. Yet we throw the book out the window when it comes to health insurance.

Maybe it's because you are not provided enough information. Once you have that, it becomes clear that it's just a math problem.

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