Spring is here - Or is it? Smooth Seas Ahead

From the desk of Butch Zemar and the EBOA Team:

Spring is here. Or is it?

We went from 80 degrees to snow within 48 hours in the Chicago area. As I write this, it's still under 40 degrees, and it's spring.

Spring brings us a lot of things, including crazy weather. Kids are trying to get outside after school. Most of us in the office are trying to get out and go for a walk on our breaks.

Not too long ago, my spring consists of pulling out my scuba gear and dipping my toe in the water. April had 45-degree temperatures at the local quarry or lake, but something we looked forward to every year. I remember suiting up in scuba gear when it was snowing out. We were committed every year to starting the 'scuba season' right by hitting it early, knocking off that dust. I look forward to doing this once again when my boys are older.

When I served in the US Navy, spring usually consisted of sea deployments. In most cases, we had anywhere from 3 days to 3 months out at sea, leading up to the 7-month deployment. The "big pond" had all kinds of weather. Snow was just one of them. The swells could be so big that only a big Navy ship can sail through them. However, most of the seas are flat. Being there in person, I can see why folks always believed Christopher Columbus was insane to think the world was round.

Crazy weather will always be there, including inside our businesses. With the mid-year among us, it could be a good reason to reconnect before the mad rush happens in the year's second half. Mid-year reviews are always favorable. You can find a spot on the calendar if you like.

In the meantime, enjoy the crazy weather in the Midwest. If you need anything from me, please let me know.

Think spring!

Butch Zemar
Elite Benefits Team